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Digital Fundraising Strategy for Nonprofits

It’s time to rethink, and re-strategise how we fundraise. While the digital age has transformed the way we live our lives, conduct businesses and connect with people, Non-profit organisations are also not left out. The Digital-first approach becomes important for fundraising and connecting with donors, volunteers, members and the community at large. If there is […]


One of the most important characteristics of an individual is Attitude. Much has been written about this subject: how we can improve and manipulate thoughts and focus attentions on pre-determined objectives. Prior to this process of self-improvement, it is first necessary toidentify the problem. Too many of us do not get to this the first […]


All law firms face some issues relating to profitability and marketing, but small law firms in particular often founder and wonder what to do.  Consultant Colin Ritchie specialises in helping small firms in both Australia and New Zealand with a focus on lifting their profits and cash flow. In this exclusive LawFuel article he explains how small […]

8 reasons why innovation is important to businesses today

Organizations who see & act upon the opportunities and possibilities for change through innovation in the current volatile and uncertain, business environment will not only survive; they will successfully compete and even flourish in the face of the range of emerging adverse and fluctuating business and economic conditions. They will use innovation as a strategic, […]

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