10 Insights For Building Quality Relationships

10 Insights For Building Quality Relationships

That Turn Into Remarkable Local, National & International Opportunities

Knowing your why is important, but being able to convey that with a clear and compelling storyline across platforms is absolutely vital. It’s not good enough to simply know it, you must be able to articulate it in a way that draws the right people in, and inspires them into action.

If you’re not consistently developing remarkable opportunities through your network, there’s something holding you back… and usually it’s going on unconsciously. It could be fear of rejection, imposter syndrome or something else. Develop your emotional intelligence around this and breakthrough.

So you’ve had a breakthrough?… that’s simply level one. Continuous evolution is key to building relationships with high caliber people. As you continue to grow, you’ll be exposed to new limiting patterns within you. A new level of thinking will be required each time – there is always another level.

Establishing strong credibility in your industry plays a key role in enhancing the relationships you are already building and brings new ones into the fold. Examples include speaking on significant stages, being featured in recognised media, and association/partnerships with high profile companies.

When you need relationships to go a certain way, you’re setting yourself up for pain. Assumption can be a very powerful or dangerous thing as it can lead to closing off from opportunities too quickly. Develop your flexibility in dealing with multiple personality types and multiple response types as well.

Give freely without expectation, knowing you’ll get taken care of in some way, shape or form. You must feel worthy of receiving for this to work extremely well, otherwise, you’ll be giving freely because unconsciously you don’t believe you’re worth it and you’ll attract people that will take advantage of you.

You can be the nicest man or woman in the world, but if you’re not useful, you’ll end up with a bunch of friends and no real opportunities. Two of the quickest ways to build trust & respect is through insights & introductions; an insight that will help them, or an introduction that would be valuable for them.

Follow Through
Most people are filled with great intentions but sub-optimal follow up systems. It’s not that they didn’t intend to follow up, it’s that life got in the way. Build a robust CRM that allows you to scale your relationship development strategy, and turns you into the most trusted person in your network.

Mind Positioning
Being front of mind is key to being considered for opportunities. But in this busy world, you can be easily forgotten about. Create valuable content (videos for example) and personal touch points throughout the year that result in you staying front of mind for longer and for the right reasons.

Leverage technology including Linkedin to build relationships with remarkable people anywhere in the world. Know though, that technology leverages who you already are… if you don’t have the above figured out, technology will simply speed up the rate at which people find that out about you.

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