Marketing Tips for Attracting New Customers

Marketing Tips for Attracting New Customers

Who doesn’t want to attract new customers? After all, customers are the lifeblood of every business. Any business or organization that is not attracting customers or growing its customer base will soon find itself kicked out of the game. Simply put, if there are no customers, there is no business.

Hence, it becomes essential to reach new customers and incorporate innovative approaches to position your brand to the right audience or sell your ideas, products or services. We ask expert,  Matthew Brannelly founder of Orbit NFP hub, an organization helping non-profit to grow. He provides tried and proven expert marketing tips to help businesses acquire new customers.

You can’t be seen without search engine optimization

If you already own a website, have engaging interesting content for visitors to read or run a blog, they won’t amount to much if they are not being found by the right audience. And this can be made possible through search strategies.

Search strategies encompass various techniques and approaches such as SEO, content marketing, search engine marketing, keyword optimization and link building strategies. When applied, your website and brand will be able to top the first page of major search engines like google. This way you can boost visibility and increase customer reach. A much-needed step to attracting new customers.

Don’t go solo

“There is no doubt many businesses started alone when they just got started on the entrepreneurial journey. However, as businesses grow and customers increase, partnering with the right people and becoming a member of a like-minded community might be what you need to grow,” Matthew Brannelly says. Matthew suggests building your business to success without going solo:

  • Form a partnership with existing businesses, stakeholders, or good partners who are aligned with your business models. This can be a collaboration among YouTubers or brands.
  • Create events with other partners for mutual benefits. For instance, a business that is into sports accessories may partner with a camping or outdoor activities company. This will be a win-win situation for these businesses while they attract new customers.
  • Work with influencers that will create a buzz about your brand and market your business or products. These influencers can help you reach out to more and build trust around the audience. A good marketing strategy that subtly promotes your brand without being aggressive.
  • Become a part of a community and participate in any events or charities. It’s an excellent opportunity to network and build great relationships that will add value to your business and your life.

Social media is a powerful tool you can’t ignore

If everyone is on social media channels today including your customers, then, nothing should be stopping you from being there. Social media channels are powerful tools every business should own in their toolbox. It allows you to connect with customers and prospects on a deeper level, build brand image and trust and engage with them. You can do a shout-out to appreciate customers, do giveaways or offer discounts to entice followers to convert them to customers.

Matthew Brannelly says it doesn’t mean you should be on all social platforms. That is why it is important to understand your audience’s persona and channels where they are most active. If not, it could be a total waste of time and effort. “And not only on the social platforms, leverage other channels such as email, and media to connect with the target audience,”  Matthew Brannelly adds.

Showcase positive reviews, you earned it

In a world where consumers will first read reviews about your product or services before making a buying decision, reviews have proven to be one of the most powerful ways to attract new customers. They can help you to gain customers’ trust and get them to do business with you. Post reviews on your social channels, link them to your website and other major review sites. Respond quickly and positively to complaints and negative reviews. The point is prospects will be willing to do business with you when others sing of your praise.

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