The Inception of the Brisbane Junior Chamber of Commerce

“The Brisbane Junior Chamber of Commerce (BJCC) is connecting, educating, and advocating for our future leaders.” The inaugural 1983 BJCC Executive – Back Row L to R: Bill Jago, Smiley Sansoni, Matt Brannelly, Lionel Cansdale, Russell Postle. Front Row: L to R: John Stitt, Christine Standfast, Terry Cronin, Ray French How it Started – with […]

Pandemic Business Trends in Australia

There will always be some important trends influencing business across the globe every year. While some are fleeting and don’t last long. Some trends are significant and seem to make an impact for a longer time. However, the trends brought about by the pandemic were not anything anyone ever bargained for. The rapid shift in […]

Marketing Tips for Attracting New Customers

Who doesn’t want to attract new customers? After all, customers are the lifeblood of every business. Any business or organization that is not attracting customers or growing its customer base will soon find itself kicked out of the game. Simply put, if there are no customers, there is no business. Hence, it becomes essential to […]


Building connections is probably the most important thing in your career after acquiring education and certifications. Powerful connection with people in the same industry not only creates an opportunity for career growth but also provide awareness into the industry trends and reliable information about career opportunities  and organization processes. Mathew Brannelly, a skilled consultant expert […]

How technology is transforming accounting during and beyond covid 19

As covid 19 takes hold , the role and importance of technology are further re enforced.. The pandemic demonstrated how technology is needed to revolutionizing industries and businesses at an accelerated pace. The accounting sector is not left out. “With the stay-at-home, and work from home becoming the new norm, having the right technologies in […]

How Nonprofit Organizations Make a Profit?

“Nonprofit organizations often get confused by their own title. By definition they  are established to achieve a community out come as opposed to make a profit for commercial reasons,” Matt Brannelly says, founder  of Orbit NFP Hub. “Their goal is to carry out charitable activities and make an impact. This can be protecting children, preventing […]

Financial advisors strategies for maximum customer satisfaction

The business world is highly competitive and smart financial advisors understands the importance of happy clients for a profitable business. Happy clients will not only sing the praises of your brand to others, but will make for repeated and loyal ones. “When it comes to financial advice , meeting the bottom line or generating revenues […]

Drive Revenue in Pandemic using Sales Strategy

When the coronavirus waves first erupted, many business leaders and organizations are caught off guard as they find themselves in a maze of uncertainties looking for ways to navigate through unprecedented times. However, it turns out to be a blessing in disguise for some organizations. Those who are able to seamlessly pivot their business operations […]

Digital Fundraising Strategy for Nonprofits

It’s time to rethink, and re-strategise how we fundraise. While the digital age has transformed the way we live our lives, conduct businesses and connect with people, Non-profit organisations are also not left out. The Digital-first approach becomes important for fundraising and connecting with donors, volunteers, members and the community at large. If there is […]

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